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Increasing Children’s Academic Self Esteem - 932 Words

Increasing Children’s Academic Self Esteem Hanich Jordan (2004) completed a study that showed that students have a realistic understanding of their academic skills. The method for this study was that students rated their competence in mathematics, reading and general intellect. Surprisingly, the student’s beliefs of their abilities were generally what their results showed. This study shed light on student’s awareness for their own need for reading comprehension improvement. This study agrees with the researcher that comprehension is an issue but also shows student self esteem is an issue as well. If students see the need to improve their comprehension ability surely teachers should see the same need. Students that think lowly of their abilities need to be motivated in the right direction. The more children are motivated and interested in reading the better readers they will become. In 2004, a study was done to increase children’s intrinsic motivation to read and reading efficacy (Guthrie et al., 2004). The results of the study showed that children’s intrinsic motivation to read increased during a 12 week Concept oriented reading Instruction (CORI) program. While this study shed light on the need to increase children’s motivation it doesn’t necessarily guarantee better results. A student can enjoy reading and still not comprehend too well. So the study did not show the improvement in reading skills or comprehension just an increased desire among students. In order forShow MoreRelated Parental Involvement in Education and its Effects on Student Academic Performance1159 Words   |  5 PagesParental Involvement in Education and its Effects on Student Academic Performance Educational standards have recently become a controversial issue especially in secondary schools. One of the controversial issues surrounding educational standards is the lack of parental involvement. Various forms of parental involvement range from parental encouragement to parental partnership with the school. By examining parental involvement in secondary education, one can determine that positive parentalRead MoreDevelopment of Self Essay606 Words   |  3 PagesDevelopment of Self The development of self starts at a very young age. When a preschooler is asked how are they different from other children, they usually look at their self concept. Self concept is their identity, of their set of beliefs about what they are like as individuals. Most preschoolers give inaccurate statements about their self concept. They usually overestimate their skills and knowledge. Preschool-age children also begin to develop a view of self that reflects their particularRead MoreThe National Quality Standard And Early Years Learning Framework Essay1671 Words   |  7 Pages Early childhood is a time where children want to express themselves and explore their world independently. It is, therefore, imperative that early childhood settings foster autonomy and develop age-appropriate social and emotional skills. This increasing independence must be fostered for children to grow, develop and become allowing them to function independently (autonomy). This is emphasised strongly th rough both the National Quality Standard and Early Years Learning Framework. This sense ofRead MoreObesity Literature Review1597 Words   |  7 PagesObesity Literature review I. Introduction Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse affect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy. Child obesity has been increasing dramatically and it has become one of the most common chronic conditions for youngsters and its accompanied by several psychological effects. As for the children it might lead to being isolated and having peer problems and sense of discrimination fromRead MoreAnalysis Of Arts And Music In Music And Education1524 Words   |  7 Pagesraise money through levies and taxes. Both options have shown to be ineffective. Research suggests that Arts and Music should be included in the educational system as it is critical in learning because it promotes cognitive development, develops self-esteem, and helps in understanding all other subjects. Cognitive development is vital in a child’s education. Anything that educators can do to help in this is beneficial. â€Å"Making art is a highly cognitive process that involves problem solving, criticalRead MoreExplain the Importance of Resilience in Children and Young People885 Words   |  4 Pageshowever, many other qualities associated with resilience which develop through children’s life experiences — the main ones can be summarised as follows: Good self esteem derives from being accepted by people whose relationship one values and from accomplishment in tasks one values. Praise, on its own, will not improve self-esteem; the child him or herself has also to ascribe value to the achievement. A belief in one’s own self-efficacy means having the qualities of optimism; ‘stickability’ and believingRead MoreTeaching Professionals Best Assist The Development Of Pupil s Self1691 Words   |  7 Pagesschool I work at answers the research question: ‘ ‘How can teaching professionals best assist the development of pupil’s self – esteem in the classroom? ‘ To undertake this research I had two aims: 1. To understand the ways that self- esteem develops and the impact of the classroom experience on self- esteem. 2. To reflect on and improve my own practice with a view to creating an atmosphere in the classroom where the children couldRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Cyber Bullying1705 Words   |  7 Pagesmedia lately that demonstrate the serious repercussions of cyber bullying. Cyberbullying may disrupt a teen’s positive learning and cause them to perform poorly in their academics, which can lead to them dropping out of school. The presence of cyberbullying in school has created many negative effect on teens, such as, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and suicide. We need to find ways to protect our schools from cyberbullying because of the impact that it has on teens are detrimental. We can preventRead MoreThe Importance Of Early Childhood Friendship1267 Words   |  6 Pagesconsidering the tremendous impact it has on our well being. Early-childhood friendship is something that is frequently overlooked as a positive developmental influence. Preschool friendships are helpful in d eveloping social and emotional skills, increasing a sense of belonging and decreasing stress. People who feel lonely or socially isolated tend to be more depressed and have more health issues. Both boys and girls form strong attachments to others need social and emotional support. It is human natureRead MoreMediation : A Good Point1427 Words   |  6 Pagesthat happen such as being force to try drugs and stealing happens. How Peer Mediation can help Children to resolve Conflicts in School Parents were shown techniques of how to discuss their children’s emotions and they were less likely to blame them for past transgressions and to propose solutions to the children’s conflicts (Ross Lazinski, 2014). This is important because parents will gain their children s trust and be able to show them how to resolve their own conflict with their siblings and friends

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Sing Along ABCs Song Version

Singing the ABC song has long been a favorite way to learn the alphabet in English. This song has the same melody as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Click on the audio symbol to hear the song four times. Just listen the first time, and then try to sing along with song when it repeats. Sing this song often, and you will learn your ABCs quickly, too! Click to listen to the song and sing along! Sing Along Words and Letters A B C D E F G HI J K L M N O PQ R S T U and V W X Y and Z.Now Ive learned my ABCs. Tell me what you think of me! ABCs Pronunciation Guide eh like the open e sound in letee like the long e sound in the word tree A - eh-eeB - beeC - seeD - deeE - eeF - ehfG - jeeH - eh-eetchI - ah-eeJ - jeh-eeK - keh-eeL - ehlM - ehmN - ehnO - o-uP - peeQ - kjewR - arS - ehsT- teeU - you (pronounced like the pronoun you)V - veeX - eksY - why (pronounced like the question word you)Z - zee Practice the ABC Song on your own! More on Learning Correct English Pronunciation Learn how to pronounce English well by learning phonetic symbols. These symbols represent the sound of English words no matter the spelling.   English ConsonantsPronunciation of the Alphabet with Example WordsSpelling Quiz Page

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Macbeth- ‘Film Proposal’ Rationale Free Essays

I was given the brief that, if I was a director how would I compose work on Macbeth on Act One, Scene Three of the play? I would begin by thinking on how I will present the following to the audience: the setting, the atmosphere, themes, characters and camera shots. I would decide to try and set the scene around 1000 AD and to do this I think that there should be no bright colours used. Traditional requirements need to be employed such as the transport would be by horse, and food which has been home produced e. We will write a custom essay sample on Macbeth- ‘Film Proposal’ Rationale or any similar topic only for you Order Now g. chickens. To create the atmosphere I would require a large variety of types of music. For example, a sad atmosphere I might use soft music from a flute, the typical Scottish bagpipes might create a happy atmosphere, while during the witches’ scene the sound of thunder could be heard in the background. In the third scene there are five different types of characters. I think that Macbeth and Banquo should both look strong and not cleanly shaven and I think that Macbeth should be very dirty, this would emphasize how ‘brave’ (1.2.16) and ‘noble’ (1.3.67) he is. Both Macbeth and Banquo’s clothes should be torn in places and looking exhausted. Macbeth could have a bearded? Ross and Angus need to have a clearer appearance and both should be cleanly shaven. All four of these characters should all speak very clearly to remind the audience the time of the setting of the play. I would like the three witches to look extremely ugly with facial hair i.e. moustache, long fingernails, long scruffy hair and warts. The uses of masks could make them look very unattractive. They should speak very ‘crockery’ and very slowing and abnormal. I would want to highlight a number of themes, one of them being the theme of supernatural. This theme is brought up during the witch’s scene at the beginning of scene three. I would like the audience to believe that they are inhuman and ‘weird’ (1.3.30). I will create this theme by making the witch’s unclear with the use of smoke therefore things which are unclear in that sense are abnormal/supernatural. I will also use special effects to make the three ‘witches vanish’ (1.3.77). Their general appearance as described above will make them look extremely mythical. I think that I would need to highlight the theme ‘light against dark’, this is what he says to other characters (light) and what he expresses to the audience what other characters can’t hear (dark). This theme is used a number of times during the play and is used twice during the third scene. Macbeth hides his excitement and a clear example of this is when Macbeth quotes to Ross, ‘Why do you dress me in borrow’d robes?’ (1.3.107-108), this robe symbolizes his new title: Thane of Cawdor. While on line 117, Macbeth, aside, appears to be very excited by new potential titles and quotes, ‘Glamis and Thane of Cawdor: The greatest is behind.’ (1.3.116-117), this statement is only expressed to the audience. How to cite Macbeth- ‘Film Proposal’ Rationale, Papers

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Iagos 2nd Soliloquy Summary free essay sample

Summary of Iago’s second soliloquy: Iagos second soliloquy is very revealing as it offers further insight into his motives. The extent of Iago’s hatred and contempt is suggested. It is weakness of his that he allows hatred to consume him in this way, using it as a driving force behind his action. It shows him shaping a plan out of the confusion of his emotionally charged thoughts. Iago examines his own thoughts, especially his hatred for Othello, The Moor, howbeit that I endure him not and finds a common thread in the poisonous mineral of jealousy that still swirls around the rumor that Othello â€Å"hath leaped into my seat†. Iago says that he thinks it likely that Cassio does indeed love Desdemona, and believable at least that she might love him, â€Å"That Cassio loves her, I do well believe’t; That she loves him ‘tis apt and of great credit†. We will write a custom essay sample on Iagos 2nd Soliloquy Summary or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Iago, however, also suggests that he could get his revenge by seducing Desdemona, Now I do love her too . . . / But partly led to diet my revenge †. Iago uses the word love here in a very cynical way, making it a combination of lust and power seeking. At first he sees his seduction of Desdemona as his revenge, Till I am evened with him, wife for wife. Yet, Iago then realizes that the unsubstantiated jealousy that torments him is the very weapon he can use against Othello, who will be even more susceptible as it is seen that Othello is naive and almost foolish when it comes to love and women. He reasons that at least the confrontation he has engineered between Roderigo and Cassio will implant the seeds of mistrust and doubt in Othello as he begins to suspect Desdemona of infidelity and thus, Iago will lead Othello, via jealousy, to madness, Make the Moor thank me, love me, and reward me, / For making him egregiously an ass, / And practicing upon his peace and quiet / Even to madness.

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Best Online Jobs for College Students

Online jobs have a huge potential to generate revenue within a short period. Find the best ideas for student jobs here. Having a source of income while studying in college is a decent and sure way to offset the high expenses of being in school. It can, however, be quite challenging to get a well-paying job, balance coursework and extracurricular activities. The best jobs for students are those that allow flexibility. These include online and part-time jobs. Online jobs fit perfectly in this criterion since they will enable you to work at your convenience and from any place. Countless skilled students love working online since it allows them to choose what they are good at and what they enjoy doing. This enables them to concentrate on one job and be more productive. What's more, online jobs for college students require minimal start-up costs and are easy to set up. You just need a good internet connection, a reliable computer, and a tranquil work environment. You may also require noise canceling headphones depending on the type of job that you get. Online jobs have a huge potential to generate revenue within a short period. For a consistent paycheck and flexible schedule, here are 15 easy online jobs for college students: Freelance Writing For Students Freelance writing is most likely the simplest and best-paying way to make money for college students. In this case, you are assigned articles by clients for their blogs or websites, and after that, you get paid according to the amount of work that you do. Payments are set either at standard hourly rates or per words and task. Other freelance writing jobs include data entry, proofreading, and copywriting. Data entry work mostly involves some form of copy-pasting work from a website and putting it in a spreadsheet. This work may be a little complicated and requires training from the client. You can also find some free writing courses online that will help you improve your writing skills. Some of the best freelance websites include Elance, Freelancer, TextBroker, and Constant Content. All you need to do is sign up, complete your profile, find a suitable job and start working. Payment will only be disbursed after you complete and submit your work, and it is approved. Online Tutoring If you are talented or brilliant in specific subjects, you can opt to sign up to be an online tutor. Your job entails training students through chats or video calls to help them comprehend their homework or class work better. Most online tutoring websites will require you to pass a series of tests to determine whether you are fit to be a tutor. They may likewise expect you to have a college degree, diploma or certificate. Payments are made by the hour or per session. Online tutoring jobs for college students are not limited to academics only. You can also offer your services for the extracurricular activities that you are gifted in or good at such as music, nutrition, fashion, and art. To get started, apply for jobs or market your skills at great tutoring websites such as, Aim 4 A or Homework tutoring. Virtual Assisting Virtual assisting is similar to secretarial work. You do a considerable part of the same projects an office secretary would do such as managing clients, setting up appointments, planning meetings, making phone calls, managing emails, data entry, bookkeeping, and marketing. The only difference is that you work from home. Virtual assistants can earn anywhere from $10 to $60 per hour. You do not require special training for this work. As long as you have good communication, organizational, and time management skills, you are good to go. However, virtual assistant certifications and training can be useful in building your credibility, especially if you have no previous job experience. You can find virtual assisting jobs at 24/7 Virtual Assistant, FreeLancer, PeoplePerHour, oDesk, Elance, Guru, and Upwork. Transcriptionist Usually, there are two kinds of transcriptionists, legal and medical. This makes transcriptional jobs suitable for either medical or law students. The job requires you to transcribe audio files to written speech. The audio files are medical or legal files dictated by physicians and lawyers or court reporters. Therefore, one needs to have mastery of medical or law language to be a successful transcriptionist. You additionally need to be acquainted with listening to different accents such as Hispanic, Indian, and so on. Basic skills such as listening and typing are mandatory for this job. New transcriptionists have the potential of earning up to $20 an hour and up to $30 when they get some experience. Websites that offer transcription jobs are Transcribe Me, REV, Tiger Fish, and Quicktate. Blogging Blogging is one of the most exciting and enjoyable online jobs for college students. The first step is to find the perfect niche that can get good traffic and make money. This could be health and fitness, food, lifestyle, beauty and fashion or personal development. After you find your niche, go ahead and create a WordPress blog, register a domain name and host your blog. Next, create content for your blog and promote it through the various social media platforms. You can monetize your blog by selling your products, doing affiliate marketing, running events, or using Google Ad Sense. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is an ideal way to make money for college students. It involves marketing and selling products or services for other businesses or organizations. They, in turn, give you a commission for the sales made. You can do this by sharing and promoting their products through your social media accounts, blogs or through email marketing. Most affiliate marketing jobs require no start-up costs since most programs are free to join. You also do not need to ship any products. You can work from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. The income that you generate depends on how you market your affiliate products and whether your target audience buys the products. To start on affiliate marketing, do some research on affiliate programs and find the best one for you and then find affiliate products and services that match the content on your blog or website. Become a Part-time Project Manager A project manager develops project plans, prepares budgets and allocates and avails resources for projects. He or she also coordinates internal resources to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and stay within the set budget. Project managers also highlight potential risks and devise ways to mitigate these risks. Job requirements include a good educational background preferably in computer science or engineering, excellent communication skills, administrative and time management skills. You can find project managerial jobs on Upwork, FreeLancer, Indeed or on PeoplePerHour. Social Media Manager Companies frequently look for youths who innately understand social media and can help them build and run an active and interactive online presence. College students spend half of their time on social media and can, therefore, use this opportunity to make money. The job of a social media manager involves monitoring social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, getting the relevant followers for their clients, managing ads on social media, creating content and replying to messages and comments. You may also be required to proofread or moderate content depending on the company's rules. If you are interested in being a social media manager, check out the following websites for job openings: eaHELP, Yelp, ModSquad, Upwork, Crisp Thinking, Indeed, and Flexjobs. Earn from YouTube Videos You do not have to make expert videos on YouTube. You can just create humorous videos that have the potential of going viral. You can also vlog about your college life and experiences. Alternatively, you can make videos about the niche that you are passionate about such as cooking, fashion or health and fitness. So, what you need is a YouTube channel and a good camera to get started. You will also need some great video editing software such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere Elements. To generate more traffic to your channel, create good content and promote your YouTube channel on other social media platforms. You can also link your blog to your YouTube channel so that your followers can have access to your videos. To diversify your income streams, use Google Adsense, affiliate links or sell products through your channel. Amazon Mechanical Turk mTurk is an Amazon service that pays you to complete small tasks. For instance, you might be asked to look at an image and describe it in 10 words for $0.08. You could also be required to fill out a survey for $0.10 or review products for $2. The tasks on mTurk are quite simple. However, you have to do several of them to earn a considerable amount of cash. To get started, create an mTurk account and browse for tasks. You can work for as many hours as you would like. The more tasks you complete, the more you earn from mTurk. Become a Captcha Solver Captcha entry work is one of the easiest online jobs for college students at home. Captcha is a program designed to distinguish between human and robotic users by giving an image test that humans can read and robots can't. A lot of companies want users to register on thousands of popular sites online. They do this by running automated programs. However, when such a program comes across a captcha image, it cannot proceed further. This is where some need a captcha solver. As a captcha solver, your work is to solve captcha images by entering the exact characters provided within a very short time. It takes less than an hour to solve 1000 captchas, and for that, you earn up to $2. Some of the captcha solving websites include MegaTypers, ProTypers, FastTypers, and 2Captcha. Website Testing This job requires you to test a given website and write a review, give feedback on user interface and applications and answer questions on Skype for 30 minutes. Website testing is a little challenging, and you will be required to pass a test before you qualify. To make money through website testing, sign up and browse for jobs on User Testing, Enroll, StartUpLift, TestingTime, and Userfeel websites. Online Survey Jobs Those spam emails and ads about profiting from online surveys are not as insane as they appear. You can, in fact, make cash from taking surveys. It takes around 20 minutes to finish a survey, and for that, you earn $2 to $20. What's more, you do not require any background skills for these jobs. However, you will be required to answer a few questions to prove that you fit the demographic that the survey is focusing on. There are numerous survey websites and not all are legitimate. Therefore, you need to be very careful when it comes to these sites. This is not to say that all survey websites are scams. In fact, some sites like Swagbucks, Ipsos Isay, Pinecone Research, and CashCrate have quite a good reputation and are worth checking out. Ad Clicking Getting paid to click ads is one of the simplest ways that a college student could make money. PTC sites pay from $0.001 to $1 for watching ads for only 5 to 30 seconds. You can make more from referring other students to these websites or from doing other short tasks offered by the sites. However, ad clicking should not be a full-time job but rather a side job since the income generated is relatively lower than what other online jobs would pay. Some of the best and well-known PTC sites with the best paying rates include Clixsense, GPTPlanet, CashNhits, BuxP, and Paid to Click. Micro Jobs Micro jobs are small tasks that pay $5 to $10. They include crowdsourcing projects, website usability testing, browsing through the marketplace for services needed by your clients or completing online surveys. These jobs require less time to complete, and this makes it one of the best online jobs for college students. You can find micro jobs on Fancy Hands, Click worker, OneSpace, and Amazon mTurk. Conclusion You may not require all the jobs listed above. However, it is a good idea to try them all and find the best one for you. If you do not have a personal computer, you can use one at the school library to finish your online jobs. Online jobs will spare you from taking excess student loans to manage your everyday expenses. Like many other online job openings, it is critical to be cautious when applying for jobs to avoid being scammed. Look out for warning signs indicating that the job is a scam. Do your research on the jobs that you apply for and do not feel pressured to give out personal information.

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Major Events in the Trojan War

Major Events in the Trojan War The ancient Greeks traced their history to mythological events and their genealogy to the gods and goddesses. Perhaps the most pivotal event in the early history of ancient Greece was the Trojan War. This is that most famous of ancient wars that the Greeks ended with an insidious gift. We call it the Trojan Horse. We know about the Trojan War primarily from the works of the poet Homer (the Iliad and the Odyssey), as well as stories told in other ancient literature, known as the Epic Cycle. ​Goddesses Set the Trojan War in Motion According to ancient, non-eye-witness reports, a conflict among the goddesses started the Trojan War. This conflict led to the famous story of Paris (known as The Judgment of Paris) awarding a golden apple to the goddess, Aphrodite. In return for Paris judgment, Aphrodite promised Paris the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen. This world-class Greek beauty is known as Helen of Troy and called the face that launched a thousand ships. Perhaps it didnt matter to the godsespecially the goddess of lovewhether Helen was already taken, but for mere mortals it did. Unfortunately, Helen was already married. She was the wife of King Menelaus of Sparta. Paris Abducts Helen Discussed in more detail in connection with Odysseuswho was one of the leaders of the Greek (Achaean) side of the Trojan Waris the importance of hospitality in the ancient world. While Odysseus was away, suitors abused the hospitality of Odysseus wife and household. Odysseus, however, relied on the hospitality of strangers to survive his 10-year odyssey home. Without certain standards of expected behavior on the part of host and visitor, anything could happen, as, indeed, it did when the Trojan prince Paris, a guest of Menelaus, stole from his host. Now, Menelaus had been aware of the possibility that his wife, Helen, would be snatched from him. Helen had been snatched before their marriage, by Theseus, and she had been courted by almost all the Achaean leaders. When Menelaus finally won the hand of Helen, he (and Helens father) extracted a promise from all the other suitors that they would come to his aid should Helen be taken away again. It was on the basis of this promise that Agamemnonacting on brother Menelaus behalfwas able to coerce the Achaeans to join forces with him and his brother and sail against the Asian city-state of Troy to win back Helen. Trojan War Draft Dodgers Agamemnon had trouble rounding up the men. Odysseus feigned madness. Achilles tried to pretend he was a woman. But Agamemnon saw through Odysseus ruse and Odysseus tricked Achilles into revealing himself, and so, all the leaders who had promised to join did so. Each leader brought his own troops, weapons, and ships and stood, poised to sail, at Aulis. Agamemnon and His Family Agamemnon was from the  House of Atreus, that cursed family that stemmed from Tantalus, a son of Zeus. Tantalus had spitefully served the gods a feast with an awful main course, the cooked body of his own son Pelops. Demeter was upset at the time because her daughter, Persephone, had disappeared. This left her distracted, so unlike all the other gods and goddesses, she failed to recognize the meat dish as human flesh. As a result, Demeter ate some of the stew.  Afterward, the gods put Pelops back together again, but there was, of course, a missing part. Demeter had eaten one of Pelops shoulders, so she replaced it with a piece of ivory. Tantalus did not get off unscathed. His well-suited punishment helped inform the Christian vision of Hell. Tantalus  familys behavior remained unimproved through the generations. Agamemnon and his brother Menelaus (Helens husband) were among his descendants. Raising the ire of the gods seems to have come very naturally to all the descendants of Tantalus. The Greek troops heading for Troy, under the lead of Agamemnon, waited at Aulis for  a wind  that just wouldnt come.  Eventually, a seer named Calchas deduced the problem: The virgin huntress and goddess, Artemis, had been offended by a boast Agamemnon had made about his own hunting skills. To appease Artemis, Agamemnon had to sacrifice his own daughter Iphigenia. Only then would the winds come to fill their sails and let them set off from Aulis to Troy. To put his daughter Iphigenia to the sacrificial knife was hard for Agamemnon the father, but not for Agamemnon the military leader. He sent word to his wife that Iphigenia was to marry Achilles at Aulis (Achilles was left out of the loop). Clytemnestra and their daughter  Iphigenia  went happily to Aulis for a wedding to the great Greek warrior. But there, instead of a marriage, Agamemnon performed the deadly ritual. Clytemnestra would never forgive her husband. The goddess Artemis  appeased, favorable winds filled the sails of Achaean ships so they could sail to Troy. The Action of the Iliad Begins in the Tenth Year Well-matched forces dragged the Trojan War on and on. It was in its tenth year when the climactic and most dramatic events finally took place. First, a sacrilegious Agamemnon, leader of all the Achaeans (Greeks), captured a priestess of Apollo. When the Greek leader refused to return the priestess to her father,  a plague  struck the Achaeans. This plague may have been  bubonic since it was connected with the  mouse-aspect  of Apollo. Calchas, the seer, summoned once again, augured that health would be restored only when the priestess was returned. Agamemnon agreed, but only if he could have a substitute war prize: Briseis, Achilles concubine. When Agamemnon took Briseis from Achilles, the hero was outraged and refused to fight. Thetis, Achilles immortal mother, prevailed upon Zeus to punish Agamemnon by making the Trojans stymy the Achaeansat least for a while. Patroclus Fights as Achilles Achilles had a dear friend and companion at Troy named Patroclus. In the movie  Troy, he is Achilles cousin. While thats a possibility, many consider the two not so much cousins, in the sense of son of ones uncle, as lovers. Patroclus tried to persuade Achilles to fight because Achilles was so capable a warrior that he could turn the tide of battle. Nothing had changed for Achilles, so he refused. Patroclus presented an alternative. He asked Achilles to let him lead Achilles troops, the Myrmidons. Achilles  agreed and even  lent  Patroclus his armor. Dressed like Achilles and accompanied by the Myrmidons, Patroclus went into battle. He acquitted himself well, killing a number of Trojans. But then the greatest of the Trojan heroes, Hector, mistaking  Patroclus  for Achilles, killed him. Now the situation was different for Achilles. Agamemnon was an annoyance, but the Trojans were, once again, the enemy. Achilles was so grieved by the death of his dear Patroclus that he reconciled with Agamemnon (who returned Briseis), and entered the battle. A Madman Kills and Disgraces Hector Achilles met Hector in single combat and killed him. Then, in his madness and grief over Patroclus, Achilles dishonored the Trojan heros body by dragging it  around  the ground tied to his chariot by a belt. This belt had been given Hector by the Achaean hero Ajax in exchange for a sword. Days later, Priam, Hectors aged father and  the king of Troy, persuaded Achilles to stop abusing the body and return it for proper burial. The Achilles Heel Soon after, Achilles was killed, wounded in the one spot  where  legend tells us he was not immortalhis heel. When Achilles was born, his mother, the nymph Thetis, had dipped him into the river Styx to confer immortality, but the spot where she held him, his heel, remained dry.  Paris  is said to have hit that one spot with his arrow, but Paris wasnt that good a marksman. He could only have hit it with divine guidancein this case, with the help of Apollo. The Next Greatest Hero The Achaeans and Trojans valued the armor of fallen soldiers. They triumphed in capturing the helmets, weapons, and armor of the enemy, but also prized that of their own dead. The Achaeans wanted to award the armor of Achilles to the Achaean hero they thought came next in stature to Achilles. Odysseus won. Ajax, who thought the armor should have been his, went mad with rage, tried to kill his fellow countrymen, and killed himself with the sword which he had received from his belt-exchange with Hector. Aphrodite Continues to Help Paris What had Paris been up to all this time? Besides his dalliance with Helen of Troy and slaying of Achilles, Paris had shot and killed a number of Achaeans. He had even fought one-on-one with Menelaus. When Paris was in danger of being killed, his divine protector, Aphrodite, broke the strap of the helmet, which Menelaus was clutching. Aphrodite then shrouded Paris in a mist so that he could escape back to  Helen of Troy. The Arrows of Hercules After the death of Achilles, Calchas uttered yet another prophecy. He told the Achaeans they needed the bow and arrows of Hercules (Herakles) to defeat the Trojans and end the war. Philoctetes, who had been left wounded on  the island of Lemnos, had said bow and poisoned arrows. So an embassy was sent to bring Philoctetes to the battlefront. Before he joined the Greek battle line, one of the sons of Asclepius healed him. Philoctetes then shot one of  Hercules  arrows  at  Paris. There was barely a scratch. But ironically, like the  wound  Paris had inflicted on Achilles one weak spot, that scratch was enough to kill the Trojan prince. The Return of Odysseus Odysseus  soon devised a way to end the Trojan Warthe erection of a giant wooden horse filled with Achaean (Greek) men to be left at the gates of Troy. The Trojans had noticed Achaean ships sailing away earlier that day and thought the giant horse was a peace (or sacrificial) offering from the Achaeans. Rejoicing, they opened the gates and led the horse into their city. Then, after 10 years of privations for the sake of the war, the Trojans brought out their equivalent of champagne. They feasted, drank hard, and fell asleep. During the night, the Achaeans stationed inside the horse opened the trap door, crept down, opened the gates, and let in their countrymen who had only pretended to slip away. The Achaeans then torched Troy, killing the men and taking the women prisoner. Helen, now  middle-aged but still a  beauty,  was reunited with her husband Menelaus. So ended the Trojan War and so began the Achaean leaders torturous and mostly deadly trips home, some of which are told in the sequel to The Iliad, The Odyssey, which is also attributed to Homer. Agamemnon  got his comeuppance at the hand of his wife Clytemnestra and her lover, Agamemnons cousin Aegisthus. Patroclus, Hector, Achilles, Ajax, Paris, and countless others were dead, but the Trojan War dragged on.

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The Influence that Salvador Dali Had on the Surrealist Movement Essay

The Influence that Salvador Dali Had on the Surrealist Movement - Essay Example The essay "The Influence that Salvador Dali Had on the Surrealist Movement" will consider the art movement called surrealism and comment on the influence of Salvador Dali, one of its greatest practitioners at the forefront of this art movement. Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was one of the most popular artists of the surrealist movement. Surrealism can be defined as the stuff of dreams, what is held in the subconscious or unconscious, and it is the expression of these thoughts that were the impetus behind the surrealist movement. It is the complete absence of regulated thought and action, in fact the anti thesis of it. The objective of the surrealist movement was to give flight and power to spontaneity and celebrate the absence of order or contrived circumstances. Negative emotions ran high against the established powers after World War I- in fact surrealism was on the rise even in the waning days of World War II. The portrayal of anti establishment sentiment through art and literature de fined the surrealist movement in many ways. Dali in fact took on the name of his elder brother who had died nine months before he was born. His father was a lawyer, notary and a strict disciplinarian. His mother however encouraged his artistic pursuits. Dali believed he was a reincarnation of his brother after it was suggested by his parents that he had similar features to the deceased sibling. Dali was deeply attached to his mother and was distraught on her death in 1921. After her death, his father married her sister, Dali’s aunt. ... With a sharp sense of fashion, he was regarded as a dandy. However his art stood out as well as he was experimenting with Cubism at the time. However he was thrown out of school before the final exams after uttering the scandalous comment that there was no one competent enough to examine him. Dali moved to France and his early works were heavily inspired by Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso, whom Dali adored. Inspired by the artist Diego Velazquez, Dali began sporting a distinctive moustache that became an iconic trademark for the rest of his life. Dali met his future wife Gala, a Russian immigrant ten years his senior at a fellow artist Paul Eluard’s residence in 1929. They were married in a civil ceremony in 1934 and later celebrated a Catholic wedding in 1958. Dali had up to this point been supported by wealthy art collector Edward James of the UK. Dali’s work was introduced to the USA by the art critic In 1931 Dali created his most well known masterpiece ‘The Persis tence of Memory’ and the rest as they say is history. He became so famous that even the creator of the surrealist movement Andre Breton began to grudge him with the taunting derogatory nickname Avida Dollars meaning ‘eager for dollars’. During World War II, Dali and his wife moved to the USA, staying there for eight years. However beginning in 1949, Dali moved back to Catalonia, Spain. After World War II, Dali’s work included influences from religion, science and even optical illusions. Dali’s health suffered a serious setback in the 1980 when his wife in her senility had been feeding Dali with a dangerous cocktail of drugs that impaired his health and made one hand shake uncontrollably. After Gala herself died in 1982, Dali tried to kill himself through starvation but was